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Looking Back

19 November 2019

Speaking of our grants, Rich Gercke (FISCH's Co-Founder) says, "These were such a blessing, particularly the uniforms and stationery which we had a real need for at that time. It's been amazing to see how God has blessed and grown FISCH. Although the needs continue to grow, we have seen God continue to provide and we are so thankful to people such as you who have supported us to change so many lives!"


Here are a few highlights:


Sewing Machines 

These have been extremely useful. During the past year a small group of 3 girls have been receiving training three days a week from Eva, and one of the original FISCH girls they trained up and is now self-employed).


The plan is that when ready, FISCH will support these girls to set up a business together. This may happen in the new year.


At present, this group is currently being paid by FISCH to make some of the items of uniform for the new school year in January.

Uniform and Stationery

As mentioned above, this had been a real pressing need. For kids in Tanzania, Primary and Secondary school is now free in government schools. However the big hurdles for kids living in poverty are the hidden barriers, which are uniform and stationary. Without these items kids are turned away.


Education - Promina

At the time of our grant, Promina was in her last year of education and had shown potential for making it to university.  


We are delighted to hear that she was successful in getting into University, and has completed her first year! She is doing a Bachelor degree in Human Resources Planning Management and has done pretty well so far.


FISCH Church & Bibles 

The sounds system equipment that we provided has transformed the services, and FISCH Church has been blessed significantly as a result. The team at Iringa are always proud to show off the sound system! 


See attached film clip and listen for yourself!


The bibles are shared out at the beginning and returned at the end of each service. 

Medicine Supplies

There is always a steady stream of medical needs to attend to, arising from a variety of injuries and illnesses. 


Roof Repairs

The toilet at the drop in centre was in desperate need of repair, and our support enabled FISCH to achieve that. A big thank-you from many grateful kids during the wet season!


Vocational Training - Taxi Drivers

FISCH tries to support vocational training, as continuing in education is not the answer for a number of the kids. The big increase in cars in Iringa, and also especially motorbikes and tuk-tuks, is providing a source of income for many young adults. FISCH has supported about 6 kids a year to complete their driving licence and make use of this opportunity. In fact just this last month 2 more boys qualified. 


Vocational Training continues to be an area that FISCH are looking to grow.

Praising God in Iringa


Gifts from Natalya's Fund
Items Funded

The first grant given to FISCH was £2,835.

This sum is providing the following:

3 sewing machines

keyboard, microphone and speaker/amplifier

40 Bibles

6 months' supply of washing powder

180 bars of soap

43 pairs of shoes

41 school jumpers

school stationery for 39 children

school socks for 42 children

tracksuits for 24 children

204 school exercise books

medicine and first aid supplies for nurse to administer

repairs to computers to allow use in teaching computer skills to the children

roof repairs

training for boy to become a taxi driver

On behalf of the Iringa Street Children and those working to help them, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

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